Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who am I

Salam Alaikom!
Inshalla you will be hearing from me sporadically so I figured whoever reads my blog should know who they are reading from...
My name is Sarah Elmeshad and Im 27. I have a son, AbdulRahman who is 3 year old and a daughter, Halima who is 1 and a half. They are quite a handful but one smile from them usually makes it seem easier than it is. Their father is my husband, Karim El-Dib.
I'm a writer. Ever since 5th grade I knew I wanted to become a writer.
I'm from Cairo, Egypt but I live in Alexandria.
I am a Muslim.
At the moment these are the things that influence who I am.

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Anonymous said...

From 13 Dec. and you didn't tell me. It's very nice and elegant.