Friday, December 15, 2006

People are not Books

I like books. I like to own my books. I like to have them on my shelf. To be able to read them whenever I want. My favorite books I like to read over and over again. When the book fades and the pages start tearing I still like them because I like what's inside. I know that I am the only one who read from that specific book. I'm the only one who used my hands to turn the pages.
Even though I like owning my books I still love libraries. There is a wider variety of books. Sometimes I can't find a certain book in the book stores because it is out of sale. The library probably has it. Sometimes I don't want clutter in my house. There is no room for a specific book permenantly in my house. The library is a perfect solution.
In general, with the internet and technology in general I believe one should create a committee for the protection of printed books.
To compare human beings to objects even if they are precious objects like books would be immoral.
However, I found when money and material happiness is the number one target for people. That is what happens. People reduce themselves to objects. That is the beginning of the breakdown of society. People become animals. They do whatever it takes just for money. Like animals in the wild fighting for their "bare necessaties." Bare necessaties being a Jaguar or a penthouse flat or sometimes even just one more shot of heroin.
I recently read an article about the protection of sex workers. There have been recent murders in England of prostitutes. They want to legalize prostitution around the world because it is "a fact of life." This in order to protect the people involved.
The problem with this short sighted view of things is that society is looking at one person instead of looking at how a certain move would affect a society as a whole.
If sex becomes a legal, protected industry what are we telling the society about sex and the value of a human body.
1.By legalizing prostitution, the society is seperating sex and emotions allowing promiscuity to become a norm thus breaking down the family unit.
2. No matter how protected these people are, the worst diseases are spread through sex.
3. Street children, which are a huge problem in third world countries, are partially a product of prostitution. Even if the children who result from prostitution are not in the street, being born from a one night stand and having a father who probably will not own up to you is devestating.
4. With the protection of prostitutes from murder, how can the legalization of prostitution protect the sex workers from themselves? How can it protect them from seeing themselves as more than a body?
5. Will the legalization of prostitution protect these workers from rape? What is the difference between this and rape except that the worker gets money for it?
6. Should everything that is "a fact of life" become legalized? Drugs, murder, mass murder,etc..

One of the women in the article said, "It's my body." Our bodies are the creation of God. He lent them to us to fulfil a certain mission on Earth and then we die. The body goes back to the ground. It becomes dirt once again. This mission is to worship God and guard his land the way he ordered us to.

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