Thursday, April 17, 2008

Then and Now

A friend of mine was reading my blog. She said for a moment she forgot who was writing because of the content. All the talk about children and marriage was uncharacteristic of me. Ofcourse, the me she was refering to was college me. Since the transition was sudden and quick many people did not have a chance to let reality sink in.

A part of me hasn't let it sink in either.

After being the type of person who on occasion would spend a quiet afternoon at home...very rare occasions, I am now the person who enjoys a nice relaxed evening out on occasions...extremely rare occasions.

When my day once started by lazily getting out of bed by the sound of the call to the Dhuhr prayer on my days off and on school days whenever my classes are. The only responsibility is classes and courses i choose and when I sleep I sleep, when class is over thats it. Vacations are truely vacations.

Now the summer time is the busiest time for me. I have to take the kids out all day long. The work is never ending. My day begins at the sound of one of the kids calling for mommy at around 5 am.

On my rare days out without the children my mind is always on them.

Which is better then or now?

I am reminded of the answer everytime one of my children succeeds in something and shows promise of becoming an active and positive member of his/her society.

Life goes on and each stage in life is different. Although I enjoyed my childhood much more than I am enjoying now but I will work hard to give my children the memory of a good childhood to comfort them when they are struggling in their adult lives for a better world.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Do Not Tell Me...or wait Tell Me

Ignorance is bliss.
But Knowledge is power.
Which one is it?
Recently I found out so many things about people around me that are very disturbing. So I keep saying I do not want to know. At the same time I keep asking questions. Trying to find out more and more. I figure the more I know the more I can make an educated opinion. Since I was already told part of the story I should hear the rest of the story so I have a clear picture and I can give advice based on the whole picture.
But really, how much should we know?
The more you learn the more responsibility is placed on your shoulders. Even in our religion we are ordered to spread the knowledge. An Arab poet, Ahmed Shawqy, said a teacher is almost like a messenger.
So at what point do we say enough, dont tell me anymore. Or is it better for the world to try to know everything? Socrates asked a lot of questions and got killed for that. Meanwhile, at the corner of my street the begger's ignorance is what led him to the life he is leading.
When my friend told me just highlights about her marital problems i gave her advice. When I found out details of her problem I realized my advice was horrible.
The more you know the more you can help your society.
The less you know the more you can live a happy life.
But Happy.
You choose.