Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Passive Reaction

Alot has happened since April and alot is happening now with the beginning of the new year.
On a personal front people got married, babies were born. My daughter started walking, my son ventured off into the world when he started nursery.
On an international front the first black president was elected for office in the United States. Bush was hit by not one but two shoes at a press conference in Iraq. The olympics in Beijing was a success and very entertaining! The stockmarket crashed.
And Gaza is currently being attacked once more with the weak Israeli excuse of protecting themselves from the "evil terrorist organization Hamas" which unfortunately our beloved Egyptian government has believed themselves. By refusing to meet with the democratically elected Hamas faction from Gaza President Mubarak gave the Israeli government the silent approval of all the death and destruction going on in Gaza.
Last night a very loud and organized march took place on my street hear in Alexandria. Loud chants, "Oh Palestinian, your land is my land and your religion is my religion," "There is no god worthy of worship but Allah," "God is great." It shook the street and everyone was looking out of their balconies to watch.
And then what?
What good is the voice of the people when the ruling party supports the attrocities?
To me this march reminded me of the passion I felt for the Palestinian issue and now how passive I have become in the face of the Palestinian plight. But staying quiet and keeping our sadness to ourselves is what made me become this passive. The selfishness of feeling content with my life therefore not worrying about anything else in the world is what is pulling the whole situation backward.

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