Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's a cycle

It really is. I've had children for a little over 5 years now. Every year there are days I have absolutely nothing to do. Because of my children I can't just up and do anything I want. At the same time nothing within the realm of my lifestyle is available for me to do. Then there are days that I have SO MUCH to do but am tied down because one of my kids is sick. I finally started a routine. My house is clean and tidy. My kids have school and practice. I have the dinner schedule down and my time is organized. Which cleared up so much time for me to do the extra stuff that makes me feel normal a human being in our society. I opened up my calendar last Wednesday and filled in all the days. I looked at it and was proud that for once my engagements were adult oriented. Last week, my older daughter had to stay home. It was fine because I knew she'll be going back inshalla. It was a pleasant time to spend with her. So Wednesday, the week ended and I was happy to have stuff to fill my calendar with. Then Thursday my baby daughter got the chicken pox. So I had to stay home with her. Now this week, I still have to stay home and my older daughter got sick again and had to stay home with strep throat. I guess its good to embrace the extra time I am given. A chance to catch up on my writing maybe. A chance to teach myself how to spend time with myself effectively. It's definitely a disciplining experience. A lesson on patience and on surrendering to the will of God. That no matter how you plan and schedule someone else has other plans for you. However, I don't intend on giving up completely. I submit. But I work on this Earth and answer to a boss. I make my own calls and go back to Him for guidance. If things are ok they are smooth. If not something gets diverted and I go along with it. Especially if its out of my hands!

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