Saturday, December 1, 2007

Car wash

I took my two year old son to the car wash a couple of days ago and I was sitting inside the car and I realized I am enjoying it much more than my son was. Don't get me wrong, he was having fun but being strapped down in the car for such a long time isn't exactly an amusement park. I thought back to when my brother and I would scream "roller coaster!" as we go down the steep hill in the car in the neighborhood we grew up in. Or when we would really want to stay home from school so we can watch lamb chops and the elephant show and sesame street.
We were watching Barney and I am the one who wanted to finish the movie so I keep asking him if he wants to watch Barney.
What happens is we all have a childhood and most of us enjoyed our childhood. Then comes adolescence where everything is uncool and we pretend we don't go home and watch these things. Then comes the end of our adolescence where it becomes cool again to reminisce about the days you used to watch certain cartoons. Then if you're lucky you have kids so you can go back and relive your childhood through them.
I have not passed this stage yet so I do not know what comes next but I would assume our children's adolescence and sadness affect us because for a while we have no excuse to do those beloved childhood activities. But as our children near the end of their adolescence we realize we may get the chance through our grandchildren. May Allah give us that chance.
Or of course there is the easy way to ensure that we will always be around our exciting childhood memories which is to go into education and teaching.

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