Tuesday, April 24, 2007


When I was in highschool my english teacher once asked me to print out the translation of the first words said to Prophet Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel.
Those words were an order from God to all humankind. They read as follows:
Read in the name of your lord who has created. Created man from but a clot of blood.
The first order was revealed over 1400 years ago yet the Muslim Ummah seems to weaken as the years go by. The weakness I am refering to is not a physical one but one far greater and more detremental to the unity of us as human beings. An intellectual weakness which gives way to many people to attack a religion which is flawless. Yet, because we choose to ignore the first order given to us, we automatically open the door to misunderstandings.
Ofcourse, there area people who read, Muslims who are avid readers. Yet, they read the wrong books. They choose to get their information from anything other than the Quran or the old books of prophetic narrations.
There are also the people who read so much that they believe that their minds are so enlightened that they can interpret Islamic texts on their own.
Then of course there are the people who simply choose to take the easy way out and take their religion and information from other people without actually looking at any documented proof. This maybe constitutes the majority of our society.
If we go back to the first order given to us from Above and actually follow it, I think we can prove that the Israeli leader who said he does not fear Arabs for they are a nation who does not read was wrong.


Leora said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

They currently don't though, so technically he was write considering the fact that he is probably reffering to the Arabs, now, not then.