Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Chance Meetings

I travelled alot when I was young. Lived in many different places and met many different people. Whenever I leave the country I lived in there are always a few people I imagine meeting by chance.
I put a scenario. I imagine what I'm gonna tell them and how they will react that I'm married, with a child, munaqaba...very different from what I was when I knew all these people!
Anyhow so you imagine meeting certain people but u end up meeting TOTALLY different people.
Like today, I never imagined I'd see my P.E teacher from 9 years ago! It was nice though because this chance meeting sort of reminded me how nice certain people are and how they really made a difference in my life even though it wasn't a very apparent one. However. now when I think of it he was one of the most positive influences in my junior and senior years in highschool!
Anyhow these chance encounters remind a person that good is in the people you least expect and you should never underestimate certain anyone's role in your life. Every person you ever met has a certain influence in your life. Many times its not the exact role you you think it is.

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